Can Martin Shkreli Stop CoViD-19, And other news

He just needs a 3 month hiatus to get this pesky pandemic taken care of.Who can save us from disease and despair in these harrowing times.Why none other than Martin Shkreli of course and his told the widely despised ex pharmaceutical executive currently serving a seven year federal prison term for fraud is in fact humanitys One True Savior if only weds let him out of jail for a few months.

Numerous other drug developers ones who are not in the slammer are also working on treatments and vaccines to COVID-19.But those response efforts are inadequate Shkreli argues.And he alone is qualified to get the job done right.In the rest of the document Shkreli two business associates and two people listed as citizen scientists describe working through a fairly standard method for identifying drug candidates.

They used computer models to try to search through publicly available libraries of compounds to find drug candidates. They looked for compounds that based on their modeling could target a key enzyme in SARS CoV 2 the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.Amrika de ik qadi ne dava kita hai ke oh crona da teeka bana sakda hai te oh v bass 3 maheniya ch per kida te kiwe ho sakda osne keha ik var osnu shad deo te osde badle ch jo mangea oh koi soch vi nai sakda.Video dekh ke apne apne vichar jroor deo.

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