Coronavirus – Is there any evidence for lab release theory

And President Donald Trump has said the US government is looking into unverified reports that the virus escaped from a laboratory.So what if anything does this add to our understanding of the current pandemic.The Washington Post newspaper has reported information obtained from diplomatic cables.

They show that in 2018 US science diplomats were sent on repeated visits to a Chinese research facility.Officials sent two warnings to Washington about inadequate safety at the lab.The column says the officials were worried about safety and management weaknesses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and called for more help.

It also claims diplomats were concerned the lab’s research on bat coronaviruses could risk a new Sars-like pandemic. Eh video ch dasea gea hai ke crona virus china ne jaan bujj ke felaea hai ta ke eh amrika nal panga le sakde te osda khud ilaaz kadd ke amrika de vegaaniya nalo vadia apne kol vegaani dass sake.

Per oder amrika ne v keha hai ke oh china da pata laga ke hi rahega ke akhir eh china ne hi jekar kita hai ta oh osnu chadega nai.Baki dekho hun ki hund ahai dekho aage navi aun wali update da.The newspaper says the cables fuelled more recent discussions in the US government about whether the WIV or another lab in Wuhan could have been the source of the virus behind the current pandemic.

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