Can cooling from AC effect the activation of coronavirus at home

Doctors reveal that AC’s can be dangerous if the virus is present on the surface inside your home.The duration of the virus increases due to the air suction caused by air conditioners.However further details on this are awaited and Traces of the coronavirus found in a hospital air duct has led scientists to believe the disease could be spread through air-conditioning units the making it more contagious than initially thought.Opening windows in buildings including our homes maybe prevent the spread of the coronavirus scientists believe.

Experts in health the built environment and microbiology at the University of Oregon and the University of California Davis made the recommendations by reviewing existing studies on germs including SARS-CoV-2.They also looked at data on other members of the large coronavirus family of bugs which trigger severe acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.They published their findings in the journal mSystems.

The team hope their recommendations will help those tasked with deciding when and how to ease social distancing measures as the pandemic continues.Garmia da mosam aa gea hai te aaj kal sare lok ac room matlab ke thande kamre ch rehna pasand karde ne per crona virus de aun karke eh vi dasea ja reha hai ke ki sanu acch rehna pavega hun ke nai eh video ch dasea gea hai.Video dekho sari te fer eh video bare apne apne vichar vi deo.According to Johns Hopkins University 1.9 million people worldwide have so far been diagnosed with COVID-19 after more than 126700 people have died and almost 494 000 have recovered.

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