Nigerian security forces kill 18 during virus lockdown

Nigerian security forces have killed 18 people while enforcing coronavirus rules when the disease itself has killed only 12.The country’s National Human Rights Commission says 18 people have died in ‘extra-judicial killings’ in eight separate incidents.’It’s a sheer display of impunity and reckless disregard for human life in law enforcement by security personnel,’the commission said.

The virus itself has claimed 12 lives out of 407 confirmed cases in an outbreak which has sent the capital Abuja and megacity of Lagos into lockdown.The Nigerian Army was behind two of them while the Ebonyi State Task Force in the region of that name was responsible for one it is alleged.The rights watchdog did not give further details of the circumstances in which the 18 people were killed.

Other ‘violations’ included 33 alleged incidents of torture or inhumane and degrading treatment the report said.Dekho eh video ch kida ik desh ch ghr to bhar niklan walea nu goli maar ke maar dita gea te eh desh hai afrika da nigeria te marn wale loka di ginti 18 dasea ja reha hai.There were also reports of unlawful arrests 19 incidents of seizure of property and 13 examples of extortion it is claimed.

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