Vegetable seller test positive for Corona

Corona report of a vegetable seller in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh has come positive.There is chaos in the surrounding settlements with this and About two thousand people have quarantined themselves as soon as the news comes.This case has come out from Chimman Lal Bada area of Freeganj area of Hariparvat Agra and This area has been declared and sealed as a hotspot.

The health department team is looking for people who came in contact with the vegetable vendor.The seller used to sell vegetables in the surrounding colonies.Due to which gathering people are scared from there then Giving information a family of the infected said that he started selling vegetables in lockdown.

Earlier he used to work in auto driving. But when the income stopped in lockdown he started selling vegetables and fruits.Dekho hun agara ch kine hor bande paye gaye ne postive te eh video ch dasea gea hai ke sabji vechan wale nu vi ho gea oh positive paea gea.He used to bring vegetables from Sikandra mandi and 30 new cases have surfaced leading to a total of 134 cases.In these new cases eight people belong to Tablighi Jamaat who attended the event at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi.

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