Donald Trump says China ‘MUST have the most’ coronavirus deaths worldwide not America

Donald Trump has said China’must have the most’coronavirus deaths worldwide not America then while official figures show the US death toll is seven times higher.The president’s claims came the same day China increased its death toll in hard hit Wuhan by 50 percent because of mistakes in reporting and it emerged American intelligence services have launched then a full scale investigation into concerns the pandemic originated in a Wuhan lab.Total confirmed cases in the city of 11 million also rose by 325 to 50333 accounting for about two thirds of Chinas total 82367 announced cases.

But many feel that this rare admission of mistakes in Chinas documentation of the pandemic is only into the start in what people fear to be a widespread cover up of mass fatalities.Speaking during his daily coronavirus White House briefing Friday Trump denied the US has taken the deadliest hit from the pandemic of any nation as he hinted that China has not revealed its true numbers.It is gone through a tremendous problem with this is a tremendous problem.

And they must have the most.In the US 37308 people have been killed in the pandemic seven times higher than official figures coming out of China which place its death toll at just 4,632.Amrika de rasterpati ne china nu keha hai ke jekar osda hai hath eh crona virus ch ta oh ossnu nai bakhsega.Baki dekho hun ki hunda jdo tak paka sboot nai mill janda te pata nai lagg janda na chir kuj keha nai ja sakda.

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