19 sal di kudi ne dita subha bache nu janam

A 19 year old woman from the UK went from having no idea she was pregnant to giving birth to a healthy baby girl, literally overnight,after going to bed with a flat stomach and waking up with a full on baby bump.On the morning of July 17, 2018, 19 year old Emmalouise Leggate got the shock of her life.She woke up with a baby where there hadn’t been one the night before.

Alarmed,the teenager called her mom,who in turn contacted her grandmother Louise to see if she could make sense of the bulging belly.Louise could tell it was a baby bump the moment she saw it,so she drove Emmalouise to the hospital and had her wait in the car while she went in to find a midwife.Tusi eida kadi nai hunda dekhea hovega jida eh video ch dasea gea hai ke koi kudi maa banan wali hove ta osnu pata na lage.Per eh video ch dekho kuj ajeeb hi hoeya hai te share kro video nu.

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