Will Lockdown Be Extended Beyond May 3

The total cases of COVID-19 in the country including 77 foreign nationals mounted to 21393 the Union Health Ministry said on Thursday.After May 3 there may be conditional relief from the nationwide lockdown but in the parts of India least affected by coronavirus sources said on Tuesday.Of the total cases at least 16454 are active while 257 people have recovered and 681 people have lost their lives.

Maharashtra reported 5652 cases and 269 fatalities so far followed by Gujarat with 2407 cases and 103 deaths and Delhi with 2248 cases and 48 deaths.Restrictions are likely to continue in areas marked as containment zones because of a large number of coronavirus cases.These zones are likely to be reassessed from time to time.Number of people who recovered in Maharashtra stands at 789.

Travel within districts or cities is likely to be allowed.While residents may be allowed to step out of their homes they cannot do so without masks and distancing.Bhart ch hun eh sunanu nu mill reha hai ke ki 3 may to bad vi lockdown rahega ja nai te je rahega ta fer kina dina lyee rahega hor.Dekho eh video ch te eh video nu share vi kro vad to vad te apne vichar vi deo eh video bare.In the national capital it is 724 and in Gujarat 179 people have recovered so far.

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