Trump has taken up 60% of White House coronavirus briefings

President Donald Trump has dominated the lectern at daily White House press briefings on the novel coronavirus since mid March speaking 60% of the time according to an analysis from the Washington Post.In total the president spoke for over 28 hours in 35 briefings since March 16 according to the analysis which translated into less time for feedback from top medical experts who generally appear at the briefings such as Dr.Anthony Fauci.

The president spent 45 minutes praising himself and his administration and two hours on attacks in the past three weeks and then into the Post found but less than five minutes offering condolences to victims of the pandemic.Trump spent a significant chunk of briefings in the past several weeks boasting.

The attacking rivals and spreading false information.Dekho eh video ch ki kita hun trumph ne ke eh video viral ho gea social media te.In a third of Trumps responses to questions from reporters he launched into attacks while providing false or misleading information in almost a quarter of his remarks.

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