60 year old man declared pregnant

A 60 year old man identified as Allah Bitta was declared pregnant on Monday according to reports issued by a laboratory in Khanewal.The blood transfusion lab was located across from DHQ Hospital Khanewal and was being operated for the past two years.According to the police Amin previously worked as a technician at the hospitals blood laboratory.

The health department after an investigation confirmed that the lab was being run illegally and had not been issued a license.Ki eida vi ho sakda hai ha ja nai ke eh khabr juthi hi aa dso eh poori video dekh ke.The blood transfusion lab was being operated for the past two years.

The reports showed Bitta was pregnant and Following the news Khanewals district commissioner sealed the lab and arrested its owner Amin.Dekho kida ik bajurg banda pregnant ho gea ke koi soch vi nai sakda te eh khabr aa rhi aa ji pakistan to jisdi umr sathh sal dasi ja rahi aa.A case has been registered and Amin has been handed over to the police.The police are investigating the matter further.

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