22 year old indian boy murder australia

In this video clip you can see 22 year old indian boy murder australia.This is very sad and viral video and this video show one punjabi boy killed in australia but how see in the full video.The truck driver Mohinder Singh Bajwa from Cranbourne suburb on Wednesday veered into the emergency lane from one of the freeway lanes and travelled a short distance at around 100 km per hour where the four police officers were standing said the police chief for the state of Victoria.

Victorian Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said two of the officers had pulled a speeding Porsche car over in the emergency stopping lane when they decided to impound the vehicle and had called for two more officers to assist them.The four police officers were out of their cars when the truck drove into the officers and the Porsche.Eh video ch dekho hun kis punjabi munde da katal ho gea australia ch ke eh video viral ho reha hai te lok eh video nu dekh rahe ne lok bar bar.

Jado jagroop de ghrdea nu pata laga ta osde ghrdea te sare pind ch sogg pea gea te oh hun apne putt di laash magaon lyee sarkar nu mang kar rahe ne.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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