Singer Kanika Kapoor to donate her plasma

Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor has now approached the King Georges Medical University offering to donate her plasma for treatment of other Covid-19 patients.The singer called up head of transfusion medicine department Prof Tulika Chandra and volunteered to help.As per experts Kanikas sample will be tested for a number of things before she can donate her plasma.

These include her haemoglobin level that should be above 12.5 weight should be more than 50 kg and the patient should not have diabetes cardiovascular issues malaria syphilis and other such ailments.Kanikas sample will be probably into be taken on Tuesday and if found to be eligible she will be donating her plasma on Wednesday.

Kanika Kapoor had grabbed headlines last month when she became the first Bollywood celebrity to test positive for Coronavirus.Aaj di sab to vadi khabr dekho te eh khabr bare apne vichar vi deo eh poori video dekh ke.Kanika had attended two parties in Lucknow in the presence of top politicians and bureaucrats and all of them were later tested for Corona.

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