What is truth about viral news of Nobel prize winner Tasuku Honjo, Japan

Throughout the early months of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic we repeatedly came across variations of the claim that COVID-19 was manufactured at a laboratory in Wuhan China.While dozens of medical experts have already debunked this idea and the vidence indicates that the virus evolved naturally this bit of misinformation continued to spread on social media.

A Nobel laureate Japanese academician Dr.Tasuku Honjo who had shared a 2018 Nobel prize for his outstanding works in the study of immunology had revealed the reasons for blaming China for inventing the deadly virus that had already infected maimed and killed millions across the globe.Video ch dekho hun ki pata laga ke sare ho gaye heran te eh video nu dekh ke karo share vad to vad.Professor Honjo maintains that I know the Chinese labs where the virus was perfected.

He called many times since the Wuhan breakout and Phones are dead.Doctors and technicians involved were killed.In April 2020 for instance a lengthy text message started to circulate on Facebook and WhatsApp that supposedly included a quote from Nobel laureate Dr.Tasuku Honjo in which he ostensibly said that COVID-19 was “invented” at a lab in Wuhan China.

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