Aamir Khan Breaks His Silence On Donating Money In Aata Packets

The claim that Aamir Khan made an innovative donation by hiding Rs 15000 cash inside flour packets is false.However he has donated unrevealed amount to the PM Cares Fund and the Maharashtra Chief Ministers Relief Fund.In this time of Coronavirus pandemic a number of celebrities and businessmen are coming forward to their bit in the against coronavirus.

The video has two windows into the left window there is an image of Amir Khan and in the right one and a man in a navy blue t-shirt explains how a vehicle loaded with flour packets was sent to a slum area.Some people announced that those who need flour packets should come and take the 1 kg packets of flour but as there was only 1kg flour in a packet then many refused to take the packets because they felt one kilo would hardly serve any and people who were really needy took the packets.When people went back and opened the packets they were taken by surprise as each of them found Rs 15000 cash hidden inside the packets.

Amid this an unverified claim is being widely shared on social media that Bollywood actor Aamir Khans distributed flour packets with Rs 15000 cash hidden inside it.A Facebook user Anil K Khaling shared a collage of 3 images with the caption Aamir Khan given 1 kg Aata but 15k inside.Dekho eh video ch aamir khan ne kine paise aata walea borrea ch milla ke dite ke sab heran ho gaye.Video hoea fecbook te youtube te bhot hi jada viral te eh video nu dekhea gea bar bar loka de duwara,eh video dekh ke apne apne vichar vi deo tusi hun.Slum-dwellers thaught it s too less so did not go to collect it.

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