Nurses cries Mayhem in Rajindra Hospital, Patiala

Resident doctors and staff nurses of Government Rajindra Hospital here were exposed to the coronavirus for no fault of theirs.Consequently resident doctors had to undergo self-isolation for precautionary measures.The staff at emergency who were not supposed to wear protective gear and examined the patient clinically without proper kit then thereby exposed themselves to the virus.

Due to the missing link in the chain of communication them resident doctors at the emergency ward at the hospital had already been exposed to the virus said the experts.Worryingly thay are resident doctors thereafter treated many other patients at the emergency ward therefore those with patients those are also at risk of infection and should be traced say the experts.

Until now the emergency ward has not been sanitized.Though as many as four resident doctors who were exposed to the COVID-19 patient have already self-isolated themselves.Jekar aa haal hovega dekho eh video ch nursa da te fer mreeja da ki hovega haal,video dekh ke aape dso te eh video bare apne apne vichar vi deo.We are trying our best so that our doctors are not exposed to COVID-19.

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