10 taxi and limo drivers working out of Pearson have died since start of pandemic

At least six taxi and limo drivers working out of Pearson International Airport have now died after testing positive for COVID-19 and a union representative confirms.Rajinder Aujla thay who is the president of the Airport Limo Association into tells CP24 that 10 of his drivers have died since the outset of the pandemic.Of those people then he said that six of them had confirmed cases of COVID-19 while the cause of death for the others remains unconfirmed.

At this point it remains unclear whether the drivers picked up the virus on the job them though several limo and taxi drivers that spoke to CP24 on Wednesday conceded that it was a constant concern.Particularly in the early days of the epidemic when most cases were being traced back to international travel.

They told me they were going to isolate themselves but they were sitting right beside me.Saini said that he is personally aware of two limo drivers who have died from COVID-19 just in the last week.He said that both of them had worked until late March before falling ill and spending three or four weeks in hospital on ventilators.Dekho aaj di eh sab to vadi te mari khabr te eh video nu share kro vad to cad te sarbat de bhale lyee ardas kro sare jane ke eh mahamari jaldi hi thek ho jave.

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority has previously taken several safety measures to help protect the drivers still working at Pearson during the pandemic including the disinfecting of all limos and taxis before each trip.They have also handed out 6000 disposable gloves to drivers and amended their policies so that licence holders are not required to provide continuous service to the airport.

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