5 Year Old Driver Wanted a Lamborghini

Most kids his age play with toy cars but a 5 year old Ogden boy opted for the real thing.A day after he took the wheel of his parents SUV and headed down the freeway only to be stopped by a trooper who wondered why the car was weaving and going just 32 mph Adrian Zamarripa got his wish of cruising in a Lamborghini.This time he sat in the passenger seat.

Adrian who turns 6 next month grinned Tuesday as he rolled up and down his Ogden street in a black Huracan model a joyride made possible by a fellow sports car aficionado a few decades his senior.It was a safer test drive than on Monday afternoon when a Utah Highway Patrol trooper spotted the swerving SUV on southbound I-15 in Ogden.

Trooper Rick Morgan saw the car drift across three lanes without signaling then continue to weave.He suspected the driver was impaired or perhaps suffering a medical issue.Dekho eh viral video da asli sach te eh video nu share karna na bulna tusi vad to vad share kro eh video nu.He explained that he took off because he was mad at his mom for not buying him a Lamborghini.

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