Cinematographer Nadeem Khan Hospitalised, Undergoes Brain Surgery

The cinematographer Nadeem Khan has undergone brain surgery at a hospital here after he suffered a fall.Khan has the son of famous Hindi novelist and scriptwriter Rahi Masoom Raza was admitted to Lilavati hospital in suburban Bandra on Monday evening after he fell from a flight of stairs and suffered injuries in head shoulder and chest.

We have been in the lockdown for the last two months and just a night before we stepped out of our house and while we were getting down he fell from the building staircase and started bleeding.Video dekh ke share kro te eh video nu youtube te bhot sare lok dekh rahe ne.We immediately rushed him to the hospital.We are praying and hoping he will be fine khans wife Parvati who is a singer.

Khan has been a cinematographer on more than 40 films such as ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Zamana’, ‘Aandhi-Toofan’, ‘Aag Hi Aag’, ‘King Uncle’ and ‘Gunaah’.Aaj di sab to vadi te mari khabr da dekho eh video ke mahan cinemato gapher nadeem khan pauriya tomdigen karne zakmi ho gey ne.Te oh eh wele bandra de leelavati hasptaal ch ne jithe bollywood dia mahan hastia osnu othe dekhn pauchiya ne.He has also directed one film titled ‘Tirchhi Topiwale’ starring Chunky Pandey Inder Kumar and Monica Bedi.

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