Based Ayurvedic Pharmacist Dies After Drinking Formula He Prepared to ‘Cure’ Coronavirus

A pharmacist cum production manager of a Chennai based Ayurvedic product company died after consuming a corrosive chemical he had prepared as “cure” for coronavirus.The 47 year old who was a qualified ophthamologist and worked with Sujatha Biotech and Ayurvedic and herbal products company was rushed to a hospital when he fainted soon after ingesting the chemical component.The pharmacist K.Sivanesan 47 of Perungudi was with Chennai based Sujatha Biotech an Ayurvedic and herbal products company which was founded 30 years ago.

It has a plant in Kashipur Uttarakhand where Sivanesan was working.Cronavirus ne bhot sare loka di dunic ch jaan le lai hai te aje tak ehdi davai nai mill rahi te jo v ehdi davai banon di koshis karda hai oh fail hoi ja reha hai per ik navi khabr dekhn nu mili hai te oh hai india to channi de ik ik desi hakeem ne ehdi davai banon di koshish kiti si te osne davai bana ke kudh apne te istemaal kiti per oh davai kamjab nai ho saki te fer osdi mauu ho ghi.Video dekho te eh video nu share kro te video bare apne apne vichar vi deo.Sivanesan had devised formulas of various products and used to visit his managing director Dr.Rajkumar frequently in the city.

The managing director and owner of the company Dr Raj Kumar 67 also consumed the chemical formula.Both the employee and the owner consumed the mixture and developed health problems.The owners condition is stable now and an officer probing the case was quoted as telling Indian Express.

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