Viahi aurat ne aande vechan aaye ghr ch bande nal kita wada kaara

In this video clip you can see Viahi aurat ne aande vechan aaye ghr ch bande nal kita wada kaara.This is very funny and viral news and this news show one married women do wrong work in home with egg salesmen.Eh khabr ch dekho ki kite ajeha ik vaihu hoi aurat ne osde ghr aae aande vechan wale bande nal ke eh khabr viral ho gea social media te minto minti.Though there is limited reliable information on the prevalence of infertility in India

The shots were aimed at stimulating her ovaries to make them produce multiple eggs then not just the one or two they would generate naturally in a month.At the end of the 20 days into several of Khans eggs were surgically extracted and fertilised in a laboratory and a procedure known as in-vitro fertilisation or IVF.

The women with men said did not know where the sperms for the fertilisation process came from nor what happened to the embryos.Some of these would be implanted in the wombs of women willing to bear children.Eh khabr parke apne apne vichar jroor deo ik var te eh khabr nu bache na parn bilkul vi.We full hope you like this news very much so read this and enjoy it.

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