Over 130 Haryana, Punjab illegal migrants in US to be deported soon

Nearly 160 illegal Indian immigrants including 132 from Haryana and Punjab into the will be deported from the United States in the coming few days.The US authorities have communicated the details of 161 Indian detainees to New Delhi for deportation following the initiation of air evacuation operations for stranded Indian nationals due to the Covid-19 situation.

A ministry of external affairs official authorised to answer media queries said the illegal migrants will be flown in by the US authorities.Though the transportation of deportees is not part of the evacuation operation to bring stranded Indians back from abroad the MEA is making all necessary arrangements including documentation for the arrival of deportees.

These details were shared by the ministry of external affairs they with the states following a recent meeting between foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla and the top brass of Haryana and Punjab governments top officials said.Eh video ch dekho kine bande kite ne deport amrika walea ne te kine karne ne hor aje.Officials who did not wish to get quoted said that there are 76 illegal migrants from Haryana and 56 from Punjab who are in the custody of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement at detention centres in Texas,Arizona and California, New York and Washington and being readied for deportation.

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