Real success Story of Tiktok Star Noor

This is viral video and this video show The Real success Story of Tiktok Star Noor with 3 Reason of Noor Success.Noorpreet Kaur aka Noor who plays a Sikh boy makes a video call to the chief minister to complain about some villagers going out to play cricket during curfew relaxation.Noor is the daughter of a daily wage earner from Bhinder Kalan village in Moga.

Noors father Satnam Singh works as a labourer at a brick kiln while her mother is a homemaker.Dekho eh video ch tik tok di mashoor nai jai bachi kida bani star osdi life da dasea sara sach She and her sister study at the villages government primary school.In she her latest video she is seen complaining to the Punjab CM that a group of boys are off to play cricket despite her warning to stay at home during into the lockdown.

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