Bollywood Actress Poonam Pandey Arrest

Actor Poonam Pandey has refuted the reports of her being arrested for violating the protocols of the lockdown.In her latest post on Instagram the popular actor mentioned that she was watching three movies back to back on the night of Sunday.On Monday morning with big news agency now PTI informed that Poonam into the whos known for her bold performances in the films was arrested by the Mumbai Police along with her boyfriend named Sam Ahmad Bombay.

It was reported that Poonam and Sam were driving on the roads of the city paying no attention to the protocols of the coronavirus lockdown that has been imposed in the entire country to curb the impact of the deadly virus.She added that she had no idea about the reports of her being arrested in the media.

The agency quoted senior police inspector Mritunjay Hiremath saying A case has been registered against Pandey and Sam Ahmad Bombay under sections 269 Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life.Aaj di dekho sab to vadi khabr ke mashoor actres ponnam pande nu police ne hirasaat ch le lea hai kyunke osne chal rahe lockdown di ulanagana kiti si.Video dekho te dekh ke krdo share dabke per eh video bache na dekhan.Poonam Pandey says she was on a movie marathon last night and has no idea why reports regarding her arrest for breaking lockdown.

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