Family friends mourn the death of Indian student killed in a fatal truck crash

Ramandeep Singh had his life tragically cut short in a single vehicle crash in Kyabram and a town located 200 kilometres north of Melbourne.The truck left the road and rolled.Emergency services attended but the male driver died at the scene the police said in a statement.One of his close associates Jagdeep Singh remembered him as a humble generous and hardworking man who had dreams of building a better life in Australia.

The impact of his death has touched many then including the members of the Punjabi community here in Australia many of whom took to social media to express their grief.Dekho eh aaj di sab to vadi te mari khabr ke austrila ch ik punjabi truck driver di mautt ho ghi hai per sara kida te kiwe hoea eh khabr ch dikhea gea hai so paro eh ik vari poori khabr te eh khabr nu parke vad to vad share vi karo.

Originally from the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand Mr Singh had arrived in Australia nearly two and a half years ago.The 21 year old from the southeastern suburb of Noble Park was behind the wheel of a truck when the crash occurred in the Goulburn River Valley at around 4 am on Tuesday.

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