Man Marries The Pet Snake He Believes Contains The Ghost Of His Dead Girlfriend

We all grieve in different ways then Some people hold wakes where speeches are given about their departed loved ones others dedicate park benches in their honor just still and others marry the pet cobra they think contains their ghost.When you are going to the by through the process of losing someone it is important to remember that grief is a personal thing.

There are many benefits to having a cobra as your spouse.You must been you see in this news with video do not need to buy an alarm system for your house and you are almost always guaranteed the best picnic spot at the park.Additionally you have never need to worry about having a rodent problem.Grief has definitely taken Wira down an unconventional path but theres absolutely nothing wrong with that.It is clear that each day he spends with his serpent bride warms Wiras heart and the snake does not seem to mind all of this attention either.

While we might expect everyone to mourn the way we would some heal in ways that are less conventional than others.One man in South East Asia processed his grief in a way that might be viewed that very way.Koi jkeen ta nai karega per eh video ch jo dikhea gea hai oh bilkul sach hai ke ik bande ne ik sapp nal viah karwa lea per kyu eh sara kuj eh khabr ch dasea gea hai te video ch vi dikhea gea hai.After losing his beloved girlfriend, this man spotted a cobra and felt an immediate connection, so he did something pretty unique.

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