No,There Won’t Be A ‘Smiley Face’ In The Night Sky In 16 May

Are the stars aligning to form a celestial “smiley face” that will look down on a troubled Earth.No they are not then for some reason a story about Venus Jupiter and a crescent Moon aligning to form a “smiley face” is doing the rounds on the internet.It is claimed that on May 16,2020 Venus,Jupiter and a crescent Moon will align and look like a smiling face looking down on us them that it is a quite a rare astronomical phenomenon” and that it is called an occultation.

Unfortunately it was also picked-up and shared by an astrophotography website.Anyone could tell it was untrue by checking web apps available for free online such as Stellarium Web or the In The ky planetarium.16 may nu jo asmaan ch sab nu dikhega oh koi soch vi nai sakda te eh video social media te bhot hi jada viral ho reha hai.Here is a skychart for just after sunset on May 16,2020 for mid-northern latitudes.

It also did not happen in 2008 as claimed and nor is it an occultation.That is defined as when one celestial object is hidden by another.Eh zindghi ch pehli var hovega jado sare assmaan ch eida dekhan nu milega.The story appears to originate from story in a Philippines news outlet on May 16,2010 about the very common occurrence of a crescent Moon passing Venus.

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