Trump threat to cut trade ties over Covid-19 branded ‘lunacy’ by Chinese media

An escalation of rhetoric between Donald Trump and China over the coronavirus pandemic has sparked concerns that a trade deal between the nations is in peril as soon well soon Chinese state media dismissed as lunacy a suggestion by the US president that he could cut off relations with Beijing.

Trump said the pandemic had cast a pall over his January trade deal with Beijing and that he had no interest in speaking to President Xi Jinping at the moment.The US president said he was very disappointed with Chinas failure to contain Covid-19 in an interview with Fox Business news.

Trump has previously often said he has a good relationship with Xi and has been reluctant to single him out personally for criticism over coronavirus.Lao ji pe gea hun nava hi panga dekho hun ki banda eh video ch te eh vidoe nu share kro vad to vad te eh video bare apne apne vichar vi deo.Trump said referring to estimated US annual imports from China which he has previously referred to as lost money.

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