Pati de daftar jan de bad hunda si eh ghr ch eh kamm

In this video clip you can see Pati de daftar jan de bad hunda si eh ghr ch eh kamm.This is very shocking and viral video and this video show Recently a news has come out that the husband ran away from home with his lover and later did it and the police were also shocked to see the video.The whole wedding was completed with laughter and happiness But it was only after the marriage that Rosie started doing after what happened.

Whenever she would come back to work after marriage and as soon as she came back Rosie would start arguing with someone.It is normal to have fights after marriage but Vishal did not do a single thing.And slept separately Vishal explained it to him very lovingly but it did not work out and Rosieswithout a word used to make him laugh everyday then one day what Vishal did every day is worth.

But see all this video every moment is very interisting.Eh video ch dekho kida ik patni apne pati nal dhokha krdi si per ik din sab pata lagg gea osde pati nu per kida eh dekho poori video te eh video nu bache na dekhan bilkul vi.We full hope you like this video clip very much so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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