Coronavirus vaccine, Donald Trump gives his timescale

The United States is starting to reopen the economy even though it remains the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. And during Fridays daily briefing President Donald Trump talked about the vaccine that scientists have been working on since the virus emerged from China towards the end of 2019.Trumps statement does not go hand-in-hand with what health experts have said in the past because for the vaccine to be ready there has to be a lot of testing and a lot of FDA approval before it can be used on the wider public.

The coronavirus was first reported in China in late 2019 and spread rapidly across the world.Scientists have been working on a vaccine since the beginning of 2020 and the first United States clinical trial began in March.Kado aaveghi eh crona di davai dekho eh viral video te apne apne vichar vi deo eh video bare hun tusi ki kahoge dso eh poori video dekh ke.But actual health experts have consistently stated in the past that the cure wonot be ready until 2021 and it would take a miracle for the vaccine to be ready this year.

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