See How These Products Are Made In The Factory Dalda Vanspati Ghee

If you were to ask your grandmother about the yellow tin with the green palm tree and she would reply without hesitation,“Dalda!” Such was the hold of this first national and purely Indian brand of vanaspati that it became a household name in kitchens across the country.As interest in the product grew and sales shot up the Lever brothers bought the rights from the Dutch company.

In 1931 they had incorporated a company called Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company for producing vanaspati ghee in India.A factory was established at Sewri in what is todays Greater Mumbai and in 1937 the Dalda brand was introduced to sell Vanaspati.Dalda was marketed innovatively.The ad agency entrusted with the job of marketing the product was Lintas.

It was credited with creating what is possibly Indias first multi-media advertising campaign the Dalda campaign.In the city roadside stalls had men preparing tasty snacks using Dalda and offering them to the passers by.Bhart ch dekho kida banda hai dalda geo ke har koi eh video dekh ke habba bakka reh jaoga.Video nu dekh ke dosto share jroor kareo ta jo eh video har koi dekh sake.In villages wandering storytellers were roped in to talk about Dalda.

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