PM Modi thanks Trump for ventilators

The US will donate ventilators to India to treat the COVID-19 patients and help it “invisible enemy” President Donald Trump has announced as he underlined the close partnership between the two countries and called Prime Minister Narendra Modi his “good friend”.Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will release the fourth tranche of the 20 lakh crore economic package to tide over the disruptions in the economy caused by the coronavirus-induced lockdown on Friday at 4 pm.

Detailing the third tranche of the package on Thursday Sitharaman announced relief measures with focus on infrastructure and building capacities in the agriculture and allied activities.She announced 11 measures for the agriculture sector.he death toll is at 2,752 with the highest deaths reported from Maharashtra.

With India crossing the coronavirus tally of China signs of a second wave have cropped up in the country.States like Kerala,Himachal Pradesh,Assam and Goa had either stopped reporting new cases or were are the now reporting very few. In the last couple of days however there has been a noticeable rise in these states.Bhart nu milange hun dekho amrika valon kine ventilators dite gaye te hun dhanwad kita modi ne trump da.Trump also said the US and India were cooperating to develop a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus that has claimed 307,666 lives and infected more than 4.5 million people globally since it emerged in China in December last year.

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