Bhabi kardi si deor nal eida de kamm ke fer

In this news you can see Bhabi kardi si deor nal eida de kamm ke fer.He is the younger brother of the uncle who was arrested earlier and charged with wrong working the girl but police said.Police began looking for a second suspect after forensic tests revealed that the baby s DNA samples did not match those of the first.Child welfare activists say the first suspect remains in custody.

He is not absolved of charges against him and his trial is under way in a special court dealing with crimes against children.He is in prison and has made no statement so far then the latest arrest was made on Tuesday evening after the girl named the second uncle in her conversations with the police and counsellors.Her pregnancy was discovered in mid July when she complained of stomach ache and her parents took her to hospital.

A local court in Chandigarh turned down the abortion plea on the grounds that she was too far into her pregnancy after a doctors.Jkeen ta nai karega koi per eh khabr ch jo vi dasea gea hai oh bilkul sach hai te eh khbr nu parke krdeo share vad to vad.We full hope you like this news very much so read this viral news and enjoy it.

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