US Increases Military Pressure on China as Tensions in the South China Sea

The US would lose a war with China in the Pacific is unable to defend Taiwan from an invasion and fears the Guam military base is at risk now US defense sources have warned.Eye opening Pentagon war games have revealed growing fears the US is vulnerable to threats from China and that any attack would lead to the US suffering capital losses the sources said.US defense sources told The Times that one Pentagon simulation based on the year 2030 when China would have new more then more attack submarines aircraft carriers and destroyers resulted in the US being overwhelmed by the nations force.

The threat is more immediate than 2030 however with every US base in the Indo Pacific Command region considered to be at risk of attack now because China has ramped up its supply of medium range ballistic missiles.Ki hun amrika te china de vichkar jung lageghi ja nai eh khbar bare ik vadi khabr da video samne aaea hai dekho eh video te share kro eh video nu vad to vad.The US island territory Guam home to three US military bases is a particular concern the games revealed.

The worrying analysis is expected to come to light in the Pentagons 2020 China military power report this summer.The stark warning comes as tensions continue to mount between the two nations after US President Donald Trump has blasted Chinas handling of the coronavirus pandemic and repeatedly suggested the nation lied about the extent of its crisis.

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