Man who took 35 pills for a dare and got five days of erections

The 36 year old confessed what he had done to his wife and she promptly called an ambulance.He might have been hoping for a long night of passion.But what he actually ended up with was a hospital stay five days of constant erections and paramedics trying not to laugh at him then which turned out to be a good move.

He was in hospital for nearly two days and the paramedics were very professional but you could see they were trying not to laugh.Eh neli goli bare te sab nu pata hi hovega per kise nu eh nai pata hovega ke jekar eh goli nu galth istemal kariye ta ki hunda hai matlba ke jekar eh goli banda ik to vad do ja ti n,char khaa lave ta fer ehda nateja jo aunda hai oh eh video ch dikhea gea hai te eh video ch ta bande ne petni goliyan khaa laiyan iko vari.The doctors and nurses told me off they are he released from hospital his fortunes took a while to change.

He was forced to stay in bed then after some times but not for the reasons he had in mind when he took the pills. Daniel from Withernsea in East Yorkshire said,the dad of two told The Sun I ended up feeling sick with dizzy and hallucinating everything is ok but after his saw was green.And he had a massive erection that would not go away.It was not a permanent erection but every time they brushed against something for five days it sprang into life and it was no use to me.

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