Dekho kida vada hadsa ho gea

A small passenger plane skidded off the runway and smashed into a parked helicopter at the only airport in Nepal’s Everest region on Sunday.A relatively inexperienced co pilot was at the controls when a Summit Air plane started to skid during its attempt to take off at Lukla airport, causing it to lose control and run into an exterior fence colliding with two parked helicopters, three officials familiar with the preliminary probe told the Post.Two policemen and the co-pilot, Sujit Dhungana, were killed when the 19-seater aircraft crashed on Sunday morning.The incident is the first recorded accident in Nepal’s civil aviation history in which an aircraft killed personnel on the ground.

During Sunday’s takeoff,investigating officials said that the captain could have allowed the co-pilot to take control because he had confidence in his abilities and the flight was not carrying any passengers. But officials at the regulatory body told the Post they will investigate all documents to confirm whether Dhungana, the co-pilot, was qualified to take off.Officials at the aviation regulator said that they have obtained the aircraft’s flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder and interviewed flight’s captain, Rabindra Rokaya, to launch a formal investigation into Sunday’s crash.Hune hune aai eh vadi khabr ke eh vada hadsa ho gea.
Video:Daily Mail

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