Three killed after airplane crashes

A crew of three died in the Mi-8 helicopter crash in northwestern Moscow Region then a spokesman for emergency services told Sputnik on Tuesday.The entire crew of the aircraft after consisting of three people his died during the crash of the Mi-8 helicopter into the spokesman said.The search team found both flight data recorders at the crash site the spokesman said.

Both black boxes were discovered a flight data recorder and an on board voice recorder he said adding that both black boxes were in satisfactory condition.The Mi-8 helicopter made a hard landing on Tuesday evening while performing a training flight some 20 kilometres from the city of Klin.Aaj di sab to vadi te mari khabr de dekho video ke mascow ch ik helipator da vada hadsa ho gea jsi ch kai lok marr gye ne.According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the crewmen were killed.

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