TikTok Star Noor Now More Famous

In this video clip you can see TikTok Star Noor Now More Famous.This is viral video on the social media and this video show tik tak noor father now meet govt.job.The girl whose cheeky responsesed has evoked many a guffaw was born to a family of brick-kiln workers the nations darling remains blissfully unaware of her celebrity.Most netizens have come across the tiny sardarji who with her cheeky responses and swoon worthy eye-rolls has become a TikTok star and the nation’s darling.

However not many know that the tiny tot who has elicited many a guffaw is actually a girl.She based in a village in Punjabs Moga.Five year old femous Noorpreet Kaur whom answersed to Noor offen by the Bhinder Kalan village then has been become an internet sensation with people from all over the globe waiting for her videos.

The videos are the brainchild of grocery store owner with Sandeep Toor.His TikTok account has one million followers thanks to the endearing videos.Noors nine year old sister Jashanpreet Kaur and other kids from village also feature in his videos.Video ch dekho hun noor di kismat kid jaag ghi tik tok rahi ke osde baapu nu sarkari naukari te paka ghr banon da jatan kita ja reha hai te eh video hun social media te bhot hi jada viral ho reha hai.Video dekho te eh video bare apne apne vichar deo.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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