How China has emerged as a front runner in race to start human trials for Covid-19 vaccine

China is pulling ahead in the race to find a vaccine for the new coronavirus with Chinese research teams accounting for 60 per cent of vaccine candidates currently in human trials.New data obtained exclusively by the Sunday Telegraph reveals that there are now 224 vaccines in development around the world almost double the total of just a month ago.The data collated by Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

The reveals that while North America has the largest number of vaccine projects underway accounting for 49 per cent of the worlds total China is furthest along the development track.Of the 10 vaccine candidates that have progressed to human trials globally six are Chinese and it is the only country to have a candidate now firmly into Phase II trials.That vaccine is being pioneered by the Chinese biotech firm CanSino Biologics and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology.

Dr Melanie Saville Cepis director of vaccine development said she was encouraged by the large number of vaccine candidates being developed, adding that ultimately there would need to be more than one vaccine to cover the worlds population.Crona virus di davai aa ghi hai ja nai kdo aughi eh doctor ne dasea sara sach video dekh ke apne apne vichar deo eh video bare ki kahoge tusi dso.High doses of the vaccine prompted a stronger immune response but it was also associated with greater side effects.

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