Air India’s Moscow-bound plane called back as team finds pilot is Covid-19 +ve

An Air Indias Delhi-Moscow Airbus A-320 Neo flight was forced to return midway after ground team realised that the pilot was coronavirus positive.Officials said there was an error in the pre flight test report then which was read as negative initially.The pilot reportedly took ill during the flight and was called back.Delhi base alone sees testing of 300 crew members daily due to which more labs had to be roped in.The volume of tests has meant results come in an excel sheet now.

It came back to Delhi at around 12.30 pm on Saturday the officials said.The crew has been quarantined the Another plane would be sent to Moscow to bring back the stranded Indians according to the officials.When the A320 plane which did not have any passengers as it was into the heading to Moscow to bring back stranded Indians under Vande Bharat Mission had been reached Uzbekistans airspace our team on ground realised that one of the pilots had tested Covid-19 positive.

A senior Air India official was quoted as saying by Press Trust of India.The aircraft without passengers took off on Saturday morning.Over two hours into the flight another person double checking the crew test result found that a pilot who had tested positive was mistakenly cleared for the Moscow flight.Dekho jado jahaz ch chalde pilot nu hoea crona virus ta fer bad ch jahaz nu vapis morna pea te eh video ho gea viral social media te teji nal.AI then took a conscious call instead of trying to cover it up to call the aircraft back from over Uzbekistan to Delhi.

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