Police arrested the girl along with five Boys

In this video clip you can see Police arrested the girl along with five Boys.Even during the lockdown in the country some people are not refraining from committing heinous acts.Moga police have arrested a girl along with five others in connection with prostitution.Captain Amarinder Singh led Punjab government today issued guidelines for the next phase of Lockdown 5.0 and Unlock 1.0 in the state.

These people were carrying out illegal activities in a closed dhaba.Eh video ch dekho ik kudi nal panj mundea ne kita eida da kamm ke koi vi sunke dekh ke heran ho jevega.Video moge di hai jithe ik hotal ch ik kudi nal galth kamm karde hoe munde fadye gaye police ne jo kita ohna nal oh ta ohna nu hi pata hovega.Punjabs Home Ministry has informed that lockdown will continue in Covid-19 containment zones and night curfew will be imposed from 9 pm-5am.

In the containment zones, only essential activities will be allowed.Video dekh ke apne apne vichar deo te eh video bache na dekhan.Video de ik din ch hoe ne ik lakh to vi vad views per eida de mahol ch vi lok galth kamm karn to hat nai rahe.We full hope you like this video clip very much so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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