Now Dilpreet Dhillon Live Talking About Aamber Dhillon

Dilpreet Dhillon is a popular Punjabi singer, who is married to Aamber Dhaliwal since 2018. The couple recently split because Aamber Dhaliwal reportedly found out that her husband was cheating on her with a woman named Masha Gill. According to reports, the couple has been at their respective homes since December 2019. Amber also deleted all the pictures that she previously posted with her husband on Instagram.

Dilpreet Dhillon’s wife even changed her Instagram username from Aamber Dhillon to Aamber Dhaliwal recently.As per reports, Masha Gill and Dilpreet Dhillon were in a relationship since February 2020. Dilpreet recently also shared a story on his Instagram handle where he mentioned that every relationship has its own problems. He also added that there is a misunderstanding between his wife and him. He informed his fans that he will let them know if things get sorted.

There was also a call recording which allegedly had Masha Gill and Dilpreet Dhillon that went viral on social media. According to online web portals, Masha Gill apologised to Aamber Dhaliwal and told her to not to leave Dilpreet Dhillon.Dekho eh vadi sachai te share kro te share kro.It was also reported that Aamber Dhaliwal got emotional during the conversation that was recorded. Masha Gill’s mother was also a part of the conversation and she allegedly said Aamber that she was not aware of this matter.

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