Hun dilpreet dhillon di sass aai samne

In this video clip you can see Hun dilpreet dhillon di sass aai samne.Dilpreet Dhillon and Aamber Dhaliwal have spilt after Dilpreet Dhillon was reportedly found cheating on his wife.As per reports the Dilpreet Dhillon had an affair with someone else before and after the marriage.According to a post shared by The Kaur Movement on Instagram Aamber was allegedly also assaulted during her marriage a number of times.Aamber reportedly received a lot of messages from her fans asking her to shed light on this matter.

As per reports Aamber said that she is waiting for the right time.The Instagram page The Kaur Movement also shared a picture of Aamber which was reportedly taken by her mother.Aambers mother took a screenshot while she was talking to Aamber via video call.As per the Instagram page, Dilpreet Dhillon allegedly told Aambers mother that he had hit her daughter to shape her.

He couple was often seen posting pictures on social media.The couple got married in 2018. Dilpreet Dhillons wife has deleted all the pictures with Dilpreet from her Instagram account.Dekho eh video ch hoi galbat dilpreet di sass di ki eha osne,te eh video dekh ke kro share vad to vad.He has even changed her username to Aamber Dhaliwal which was earlier Aamber Dhillon.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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