Renowned Leftist poet Hamdardveer Naushervi passes away in Samrala at 83

When Khalistani guns were silencing voices of dissent across Punjabs hinterland he would fearlessly roam villages with a red badge bearing Lenin’s image on his worn-out coat.He would speak at funerals of fallen comrades at a time when it was forbidden to attend such events.Prof Hamdardveer Naushervi a renowned Leftist poet who inspired generations of rebels has passed away at his home town Samrala. He was 83. He will be cremated at Samrala on Tuesday afternoon.

Naushervi along with Gursharan Singh was one of the founders of the revolutionary cultural movement under the banner of Punjab Lok Sabhyacharak Manch.It was on his suggestion in 1982 that Punjab Lok Sabhyacharak Manch was acronymed as PULS Manch the organisation which understands PULSE of the people says Amolak Singh president of Punjab Lok Sabhyacharak Manch.He had written around 20 books.

Naushervis real name was Buta Singh Pannu he hailed from Naushehra Pannuan in Taran Tarn.Punjab de mashoor profersor pro.hamdardveer naushervi da aaj 83 sal di umr ch samrala vikhe dehant ho gea hai.After serving for a brief period in the Air Force he joined as a lecturer at Malwa College Bondli near Samrala.

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