Bollywood gets Maharashtra government cue to shoot again with many curbs

It will soon be lights camera action in Bollywood again.But the new scene promises to be vastly different,No more star tantrums or open calls—everyone will now have to be compulsorily assigned a window to arrive also there canot be senior citizens above 65 or more than 33% of crew members on a set at a time.Bollywood will have to do away with elaborate sequences such as marriages markets melas even will be the till such time as the Covid-19 threat subsides.

All crew members who handle equipment should bring their own gear not even a pen can be shared.The resolution also states that actors should consider showing up after doing their own make up and hair styling.They will be allowed only one person as support staff on the sets.All trials and fittings are to be done at home and everyone must carry home food.In case of secondary back up actors the industry has been advised to avoid hairdos and makeup.

Every actor should carry his or her own hard copy of script and discard it after use.These are among the many conditions laid down by the state government as it allowed the entertainment industry to resume operations.Aaj di dekho sab to vadi te viral khabr ke bollywood ch filma di fer to shooting suru kar diti ghi aa te drama serials ch kamm karn wale vi hun fer to kam karnge per kuj sharta rakhiya gaiyan ne jina to bina eh sara kamm nai hovega.A government resolution issued on Sunday made it clear that the industry that employs almost five lakh people will have to drastically downsize except of course without pruning the main cast of a movie.

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