Coronavirus Pandemic Update 77- Remdesivir Update,COVID-19

NHK is reporting that Japan has begun a special approval process for Remdesivir as a potential treatment for Covid-19.The move comes just after U.S.regulators cleared the drug for emergency use.Thanks in part to several Stanford University doctors the FDA has granted emergency use authorization of remdesivir to treat severely ill patients in the hospital.

Under normal circumstances drug studies and clinical trials would take years but the Gilead and NIH studies took less than two months and show that 31 percent of patients who take remdesivir improve.We want to thank all the collaborators that have brought remdesivir to this point said Daniel O’Day the CEO of Gilead who was in the Oval Office Friday as the FDA and President Trump made the announcement.

Her work at Stanford Medical Center showed that patients did just as well on a five-day course of the drug as a 10-day course which means more patients can take advantage of the current drug supply.Subramanian worked on AIDS clinical trials and explained why remdesivir which does not cure COVID-19 is a critical milestone.Gilead a Foster City-based pharmaceutical company developed remdesivir which is now the first COVID-19 drug approved by the FDA for emergency use authorization.

Our first drug was AZT in HIV and then we added more drugs to the regimen to give an antiviral cocktail that really worked very very well.Dr.Neera Ahuja also works at Stanford Medical Center.Japan ne cronavirus di dsavai nu istemaal krn di manjuri de diti hai te eh hun jaldi hi market ch vi aa javegi eida khabra ch sunan nu mill reha hai.Per dekha hun eh hai ke eh sara kuj kdo te kini jaldi ch hunda hai.She was the primary investigator on a larger remdesivir study through the National Institutes for Health.

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