Bollywood TV Actor Commits Suicide

Kannada TV actor Chandana committed suicide on Monday after consuming poison.The 29 year old actor was rushed to the hospital in Bengaluru but breathed her last even before receiving any treatment.According to reports she committed suicide after her boyfriend Dinesh allegedly refused to marry her.She shot herself consuming poison and elaborated that she took the decision because of her breakup with five year long boyfriend Dinesh.

In the video she allegedly said that the breakup was unannounced and left her heartbroken.The incident took place on May 28 and came to light on Monday morning.According to local dailys now new reportcoming the Chandana was forced to stay committed with Dinesh even after he had cheated on her.Despite the adultery she kept asking him about the future and marriage plans but he always dodged the question.

Reportedly she was in a relationship with him for a long five years but could not take it anymore.Dekho hun kis mahan tv adakara ne kiti khudkhusi te kyu kiti live ho ke te eh video nu share kro dekh ke.Reports also suggest that she recorded a video of herself committing suicide and sent the clip to her boyfriend his family and her family.

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