AstraZeneca to make billion COVID-19 vaccine doses if tests succeed

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is aiming to produce two billion doses of a coronavirus vaccine including 400 million for the U.S.and U.K. and 1 billion for those in low and middle income countries.It plans to start distributing the vaccine to the U.S.and September or October with the balance of deliveries likely to be made by early 2021 according to AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot on a call with journalists Thursday.

Soriot said the distribution was dependent on clinical trials taking place by August.Clinical trials and manufacturing are set to occur concurrently which is an unprecedented move for the pharmaceutical industry because of the risk of producing a drug that might not work.The vaccine named AZD1222 was originally developed by Oxford University in the U.K.and AstraZeneca is working with pharmaceutical industry partners to manufacture and distribute the drug.

AstraZeneca said it had signed a licensing deal with the Serum Institute of India to provide 1 billion doses to low and middle income countries with 400 million of those shots set to be delivered by the end of 2020 according to a press release Thursday.Crona virus sari dunia ch falea hoea hai per osdi aje tak davai nai ban rahi jo osnu jarr to khatm kar sake per eh khabr ch dasea gea hai ke september ch ehdi davai ban javegi te eh sab hun UK di compeny nal hobvega.Video dekh ke share kro te apne vichar vi deo ke ki eida hovega ja nai.

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