Dawood Ibrahim Dies Due to COVID-19

The reports of underworld don Dawood Ibrahims death due to COVID-19 are now making rounds in a section of Indian media.Earlier on Friday there were rumours that Dawood Ibrahim and his wife have been tested positive for coronavirus and are undergoing treatment at a hospital in Pakistan.Dawood Ibrahim dies of COVID-19 in Karachi with tweeted a news channel quoting sources.

However official confirmation over the development is yet to be made either by his family member or the hospital authorities.Earlier Dawoods brother Anees Ibrahim had clarified that the Ibrahim couple are doing well and none of their family members have been tested positive for COVID-19.The Twitterati have started comparing Dawood with one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time The Undertaker.It was believed in the late 90s that Undertaker is a supernatural human being and came from the dead several times in the WWE.

Wrestling used to be very popular during the Attitude Era and The Undertakers dedication to the character led many to believe that.Ki eh sach hai ja nai aje paka pata nai lagea ke underworld don daud abriem di mautt ho ghi hai pakitsan ch oh vi crona virus nal.The name of the WWE legend has been trending in India with several posts comparing the myth of Undertaker with Dawood.

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