Cynthia D Ritchie Ne Laeya Rehman Malik Te Balatkar Da Dosh

Cynthia Dawn Ritchie a Pakistan based blogger from the United States has been the accused senior Pakistan Peoples Party PPPleaders of the her in 2011 a week after the opposition party filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agencys FIA cybercrime wing against her for hateful comment and slander against slain Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.She had recently shocked everyone by claiming that the PPP Member National Assembly Shazia Marri was secretly wedded to Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah.

Speaking of clarification do share your qualifications as Senator & your sister Shazias qualifications for MNA.OH & if Shazia is secretly married to CM Murad Ali Shah I will be upset because I did not get the invite.Swear upon the Quran for us will you What a smooth operator you are she had said in a reply to a tweet by Shazia Marris sister Anny.According to Cynthias allegations Benazir Bhutto would have guards rwomen.She has made some rather unseemly comments about the late political leaders life.Dekho eh video te share kro vad to vad te eh video bare apne vichar vi deo.She also posted a receipt of an stoys store and challenged senior PPP leader Sherry Rehman to disprove her allegations that she used her political influence to help a toy business.

The correct answer may be an enigma wrapped with a riddle in a mystery.What is public is this Cynthia D.Ritchie came to visit Pakistan first in 2009 as a tourist and mysteriously got introduced to people right in the top layer of Pakistani power echelons.According to her she was invited by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik to help in building Pakistans image.She said she was a communications consultant to the PPP.Cynthia speaks fluent Urdu and a bit of Punjabi.In a video message posted on Facebook Richie alleged that she had been someone nine years ago by the then Interior Minister Rehman Malik and was physically manhandled by the then Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and the Federal Minister of Gilanis government Makhdoom Shahabuddin.

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