Indian student alleged racial attack in Melbourne

The Indian student has been left reeling in shock and fearing for her safety after she was targeted in an alleged racially motivated attack near a shopping centre in Melbournes south west.Rupinder Kaur said that she along with a friend was waiting for a bus when they were allegedly attacked by a group of young men and women.They made us uncomfortable with their rude and abusive behaviour.

They hurled racist comments and made rude gestures said Ms Kaur in an interview with SBS Punjabi.One of the women from that group entered the bus we were into throw a used cold drink on my face.Ms Kaur claims she was punched and kicked in the head and chest after she stepped out of the bus.Ms Kaur said she was very distressed after her GP advised her to get tested for COVID-19.

They were kicking at windows with her my friend before I went out to confront them what they thought was wrong with being an Indian she added.They yelled racist things like you Indians go back where you came from.Dekho austrila ch kida ik bharti student nal vivhar kita gea bus ch ke eh video viral ho gea social media te.Sari video dekh ke tusi ki kahoge eh video bare daso apne apne vichar.The alleged incident occurred at around 5:30 PM on May 27 at a bus stop near Werribee Plaza.Ms Kaur said that one of the offenders spat on her friend as they were boarding a bus travelling towards Hoppers Crossing.

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